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Mind Mapping

Benefit from visual, non-linear thinking using a tool that encourages creativity and collaboration.

  • Generate innovative ideas faster in a non-linear, unstructured way
  • Live collaboration for teams with real-time updates across devices
  • 2D & 3D views for multi-dimensional mind mapping

knowall-03Project Management

Make your ideas happen with integrated task management and enjoy enhanced productivity using sprints and the agile method.

  • Create a plan of action with the agile task manager
  • Keep your team focused with individual tasks to achieve unified goals
  • Easily rework the task board, customising it to suit your project

knowall-05Teams & Chat

Empower teams by improving connectivity with real-time on-screen updates and live chat for discussions as you work.

  • Real-time bi-directional on-screen updates
  • Live or asynchronous chat, involving the whole team no matter where they are
  • Transforming team connectivity and encouraging collaborative thinking

knowall-04SWOT Analysis

Advanced analysis of project strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats using our 3D SWOT tool.

  • Identify project strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Build a realistic vision of the future to inform a plan of action for any project
  • Categorise SWOT visually and undertake advanced analysis

WordPress Plugin

Improve client interaction using visual sitemaps for planning new WordPress sites. Enhance productivity for your team with task management integrated into the WordPress dashboard.

  • View and interact with visual sitemaps
  • Help clients to see and understand the structure of their site as you build it
  • Improve efficiency by adding tasks directly from your WordPress dashboard


knowall-02Slack Integration

Seamlessly continue discussions across platforms when you hook up your Mind Map Pro’s chat with your Slack team.

  • Bring discussions from Mind Map Pro into your Slack workspace
  • Keep communication channels open as you chat, send files and emojis
  • Task notifications in Slack direct messages so you can stay on track

Export & Integrations

Integrations with Microsoft Office, WordPress, Slack and other formats allow you to continue working using other platforms.

  • Smart integrations and export functions for multiple formats
  • Save a Doodle with ideas, notes and images into your downloads folder
  • Export to tasks for project management