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Action SWOT with tasks

Analyse project strengths using SWOT. Learn more about SWOT here.

Once you have assigned your ideas as strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats, you can add tasks.

Click on an idea and it will expand. Here, you can add tasks in order to turn weaknesses into strengths, or convert threats into opportunities.

Screenshot shows how to reveal more details in SWOT analysis

Click on the green plus icon to add a task.

Screenshot highlights the green plus icon for adding a task during SWOT analysis

A text box will appear, where you can type your task.

Screenshot shows task being typed in SWOT analysis in order to strengthen a weakness

Press enter or click your mouse elsewhere on the screen. The task will automatically save.

Assign tasks to team

Click on the task to expand. Assign the team member who is responsible for this task using the drop down list, or type to search.

Screenshot highlights how to assign a team member who is responsible for a task

Hover over the task and click the pencil icon to edit and add more detail.

Screenshot highlights the pencil icon for editing the details of a task

Add details

When viewing the details of your task, add notes, set time estimates, and select the task type and priority.

Screenshot showing task details when editing a task

Learn more about adding and editing tasks.

You can also update the idea the task is related to or update the assigned team member here.

Screenshot showing how to update the user assignment or the idea the task is connected to

Project management

Click on the agile task manager icon to visit your task board to move forward with those tasks.

Task management icon

Using your task board, you can focus your team on the the most important factors, encouraging a collaborative effort to transforms threats into opportunities and weaknesses into strengths.

Screenshot shows task board

Learn more about the task board here.

Updated on February 21, 2019

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