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Using templates

Use a template to kick-start your project.

Log into Mind Map Pro. If you have multiple teams, select the team you’d like to work with by clicking on the team name. When the team dashboard opens, create a new Doodle by clicking the green (+) button.

Screenshot shows green plus button for creating a new Doodle

Template categories

Choose from 8 template categories, which are listed on the left of the screen:

  1. Business
  2. Education
  3. Events
  4. Meetings
  5. Personal
  6. Sales and marketing
  7. Software development
  8. Team templates

Click on the name of the category you have chosen. Within each category, there is a selection of templates to choose from.


  • Business plan
  • Health and safety
  • Organisation chart
  • Performance review
  • Recruitment process


  • School trips
  • Syllabus


  • Conference plan
  • MeetUp
  • WordCamp
  • Workshop


  • 1-to-1 meeting
  • Client feedback
  • Product demo


  • Birthday party
  • Career path
  • Holiday
  • Personal goals
  • Wedding plan
  • Wellbeing checklist

Sales and marketing

  • Campaign planner
  • Editorial calendar
  • Sales funnel
  • Social media planner

Software development

  • Requirements gathering process
  • Software project

Team templates

In this category, you can set your own templates from Doodles in your team. Once you have saved a team template, anyone in your team can access the template and use it repeatedly.

Select a template

In each category, you’ll see a number of templates. Each template is displayed as a box shape that is filled with a featured image and captioned with the template title. Click on the box to select your Doodle template.

Screenshot showing a list of templates within the Business category

This will create a new Doodle using the template you have selected. You can start working on it straight away.

Rename your Doodle

It is a good idea to rename your Doodle so it is easy to return to later.

Click on the default template name in the top left hand corner of the screen, or click on the blue save icon, resembling a floppy disk.

Screenshot showing how to rename Doodle by clicking on the current name or save icon

This will reveal a pop-up window where you can rename your Doodle. Highlight the default text and start typing a new name.

You can also add a description and change the privacy settings of the Doodle. When you are finished, click the green ‘Save’ button.

Create a team template

To create a new team template, work on a Doodle until it’s finished quality.

To save the Doodle as a team template, first click on the blue save icon, resembling a floppy disk.

Screenshot highlights the save button as the first step in the route for saving a team template

This will reveal a pop-up window. Click the small box with the blue border beside ‘Set as Team Template’.

Screenshot highlights where to click for a user to 'Set as Team Template' so they can reuse a Doodle over and over again

Once the box has been clicked, it will appear filled, and you will no longer see a border.

Click the green ‘Save’ button.

This template will now be available to select from the team templates category. This means it can be used again and again by all of your team members.

Templates that work for you

When you use a template, you can follow the suggested ideas and layout exactly or you can rework, restructure, adapt and develop your Doodle to suit your project. It’s up to you.

If you are new to mind mapping, learn how to create a mind map.

Updated on February 25, 2019

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