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Update profile information

It’s easy to update your profile and account information in Mind Map Pro to keep your details up to date.

Update profile via avatar

If you want to access your profile from within a team, click on your profile avatar on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Screenshot shows how to find your profile avatar within mind mapping and project management software. The avatar image shows an illustration of a woman with brown hair within a circle. On the right of the avatar is the log out icon. On the left of the avatar is the feedback icon.

If you have just signed up for Mind Map Pro and have not changed your profile photo, your avatar might show your initials in a coloured circle.

Clicking on your avatar will reveal a panel with 3 options:

  • Profile
  • Team Info
  • Switch Teams
Screenshot of software after profile avatar was clicked, a panel reveals three options. Profile, team info, switch teams. The 'Profile' options shows a green button that says profile beside the name Alice. The 'Team Info' option shows an orange button that says team info beside the team name 'teamworkspace' and team icon, a blue circle with the letter T. Underneath is a team description that says "the workspace for our team's creating planning and implementation. The 'Switch Teams' option shows a marketing team.

Click on the green ‘Profile’ button to edit the profile.

Use Profile button

If you want to access your profile when you are not within a team, click on the button that says ‘Profile’ beside your avatar on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Image highlights where the profile avatar is, between the feedback icon and the log out icon. In the image example, the avatar shows an illustration of a woman with brown hair. She represents someone using the free online mind mapping tool.

This will bring up the profile information straight away.

Edit profile

When editing your profile information, it is possible to update the display name, email address, first and last name for your account.

To save, click the green ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the form.

To cancel, click the blue cross icon at the top of the form.

Screenshot of software shows user updating profile details. On the top left of the image there is an avatar with a camera icon over it, showing the profile photo can be updating. On the right of that are the words 'My Profile' and an exit button. Below there are fields where the user can change their display name, update their email address and their first and last name. At the bottom there is a link the user can click to change their password. There is a green button for the user to save these changes. Once the profile is updated, the user will be easily recognisable for their team so that they can collaborate efficiently by mind mapping, using online chat and adding tasks.

Update profile avatar

You can update your profile avatar with a new photo or image.

Whilst editing your profile, you’ll notice there is a photo gallery icon layered on top of your profile avatar.

Profile avatar for a Mind Map Pro user with layered icon of photo gallery on top. This represents the edit profile avatar feature, where the user can update their profile photo. This helps them create a recognisable profile for team members who they collaborate with by mind mapping and managing tasks or using online chat.

Click on the photo icon to upload a new image. This will reveal a new pop-up window where you can update the image.

The update image feature with icons that allow the user to save, reset or cancel. This gives the user full control of how to update their profile photo so they are recognisable for team collaboration features like the agile board and online chat within Mind Map Pro.

Use your mouse to click, drag and drop an image from your desktop or computer files into the square with the dotted border and it will start uploading automatically.

Alternatively, you can click on the current image to reveal your computer files. Browse through your files and choose the image you want to upload.

Click the blue ‘Save’ button to save the new image as your profile avatar.

If you click the orange ‘Reset’ button, the system will randomly generate an avatar for you.

If you change your mind and no longer want to upload a new avatar image, you can exit by clicking the blue cross icon on the top right-hand corner, or by clicking on the background behind the pop-up window.

Change password

You can choose to update your password when editing your profile.

Click on the hyperlinked text that says ‘Change Password’. This will reveal a new pop-up window.

Screenshot of pop-up that allows users to change password. There are fields for the old (current) password, a new password, and another field for the user to repeat their new password. There is also a blue save button. The option for changing password is highly secure to ensure users can safely and securely use Mind Map Pro for mind mapping, online chat, project management, SWOT analysis and other features.
  1. Type your existing password into the top row.
  2. Type a new password into the second row.
  3. Type the new password again into the third row to be sure you have entered your new password correctly.

Choose a password that is unique and highly secure to help protect your account from the threats. You can also learn more about how we keep our software solution safe and secure.

When you have chosen your password, click the blue ‘Save’ button.

Deleting your account

If you no longer wish to use Mind Map Pro, please contact us by email and we will deactivate and remove your account. We will handle any request to delete accounts quickly, following best practices for data regulation.

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Updated on April 11, 2019

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