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Add images and files

You can store media files and other documents in any idea within your Doodle.

Store resources

Important resources can be stored in logical places that are easily accessed by you and your collaborators.

Add media and other file types

Start by adding ideas to your mind map as usual. To add media or other file types to an idea, use your mouse to click once or hover over the idea to reveal the icon panel.

Click on the edit icon, resembling a pencil. This will take you into the ‘Detailed view’ of that idea.

Screenshot shows an idea called 'Branding' and highlights the edit icon, so a user knows how to get to detailed view to add depth to their idea

Media tab

To upload media, click on the ‘Media’ tab.

Screenshot highlights the media tab

You can either drag and drop your media files or documents into the box with the dotted border, or click ‘Select File’ to select a specific file to upload.

Screenshot shows where to upload media

Drag image into notes

You can drag and drop images or photos directly into the notes section of the idea.

Screenshot shows an image being dragged and dropped into the notes section of an idea

You can resize media once you’ve added the file into your notes section. Use your mouse to drag the corner of the image diagonally to make it bigger or smaller.

Insert images into notes

If you already have images stored in your idea, you can insert them into the notes section using the insert image icon.

Screenshot highlights icon for inserting image into the notes section of an idea

Use this icon to select the image or photo from your idea’s media library that you’d like to insert into the notes area.

Screenshot shows an example of selecting a media file when inserting an image into the notes section

Add images to chat

You can also add images and files using the chat feature.

Use your mouse to click once or hover over an idea to reveal the icon panel. Click on the chat icon, resembling a speech bubble to open the chat thread for that idea.

Screenshot highlights the chat icon

You can either drag and drop a file into the chat box, or attach the file by clicking the paper clip icon and selecting the file.

Screenshot demonstrates that you can add an image to chat using drag-and-drop or by clicking the paperclip icon to attach it

You and your team members will be able to see your image in the chat after your message is sent.

Screenshot shows image message in chat

File size limits

File limits

Please be aware that the maximum file size for an image you can upload is 5MB. The maximum file size for other file types is 25MB.

Media library

If you continue uploading files within one idea, they will be displayed in rows of thumbnails in the ‘Media’ tab.

Screenshot shows an example of thumbnails of uploaded media files under one idea's media library

Once 25 files have been uploaded, the thumbnails will be displayed on different pages, with the most recently uploaded files on the first page.

To change pages to see more files, simply click on the forward or back arrows at the bottom of the rows of thumbnails.

Screenshot of icons that allow a user to scroll through pages in media library

You can change the settings to see 25, 50 or 100 media files per page by clicking on the relevant number at the top of the library.

Screenshot shows options for showing 25, 50 or 100 media files per page

Select media type

When viewing the media library, use the drop down list to select the media types to display, in order to sort between images or files more easily.

Screenshot shows option for which type of media file to view in the library

View image

To view an image at full size, click on the thumbnail in the ‘Media’ tab.

Use the arrow icons to scroll through the full size images in the library.

Screenshot shows arrows for browsing through media gallery

Delete media and other file types

To delete an image or file you no longer need, go to the ‘Media’ tab, hover over the file and click the delete icon, resembling a trash can.

Screenshot highlights the icon for deleting an image from the media library

If an image is set as a featured image, you will not be able to delete it until you remove it as a featured image.

Set an image as a featured image to show it on the front of your mind map.

Upload the image to an idea and view the media library in the ‘Media’ tab.

Screenshot shows the option of selecting an image as the featured image

Use your mouse to hover over the image thumbnail that you want to set as a featured image.

Click the star icon that appears to set your image as a featured image.

The star will turn gold to confirm the featured image was set successfully.

Screenshot shows an image has been selected as the featured image

When you return to the mind map, you can resize the idea so that your image fits.

Screenshot shows an idea with a Brighton sunset featured image

Drag the corner of the idea to resize the image.

See which ideas have files attached

From Map view, Tree view or 3D view, you can see which ideas have files attached by looking for the paperclip icon on the right hand side of the idea.

Updated on April 8, 2019

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