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3D mind mapping

When you are generating ideas using Mind Map Pro, you can view the mind map in different ways. This includes map view, tree view and 3D view. Learn about the different ways to view your mind map here.


You can switch between the different viewing options throughout your mind mapping session.

To use 3D view, first open a Doodle.

Click on the 3D icon, resembling a 3D cube, located at the top of screen.

Screenshot shows 3D view icon

3D view enhances:

  • Creative thinking
  • New perspectives
  • Dynamic presentations
  • Audience engagement
3D view

Using 3D view, you can see your ideas from a different perspective and navigate around the map in 3D.

Add ideas in 3D view

You can create a new mind map in 3D. Start mind mapping as usual.

Begin from a central idea. Hover over the central idea to reveal the icon panel. Click the plus icon to add a new idea.

Screenshot shows central idea in 3D view whilst highlighting the icon for adding a new idea to 3D mind map

Start typing to rename the new idea.

Screenshot shows user typing name for a new idea whilst 3D mind mapping

Continue this process to expand your 3D mind map outwards.

Screenshot demonstrates 3D mind map on creativity myths debunked

You can develop your ideas with notes, media and tasks. Learn about developing ideas here.

Once you have developed your idea with notes and media, you can hover over ideas in 3D view to see a preview of the notes and featured image for that idea.

Screenshot shows preview of featured image in 3D mind map

Interact with 3D mind maps

To interact with your 3D mind map, drag and drop your mouse across the background of your mind map. This will move the ideas around the screen, and orbit ideas around the central idea. 

You can zoom in and out using your mouse scroll.

To place the focus on a particular idea, click on that idea with your mouse. Watch as the 3D mind map changes focus automatically, centralising around the idea you clicked.

From here, you can continue to change the focal point by clicking on other ideas or the central idea.

Updated on February 22, 2019

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