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Create a mind map

What is Mind Map Pro?

Mind Map Pro enables creative thinking and productivity at the same time.

It’s the digital tool where mind mapping meets project management, creating a workspace where teams can connect and collaborate in real time.

How do I get started?

Wondering how to use Mind Map Pro? It’s simple. Sign up for free and you’ll be taken to your first Doodle.

Create a mind map

The best thing to do when you are using Mind Map Pro for the first time is to create a mind map.

After signing up, you’ll be taken to your first Doodle, with one central idea on the page. This is the centre of your first mind map.

Name the central idea

In the centre of the page, you’ll see an idea. The text is already highlighted, ready for you to start typing.

Rename the central idea in mind map

Rename your idea, choosing your topic or a specific title for your project.

Central idea is named 'new project idea'

If you change your mind about the name of the central idea, you can double click to rename it at any time.

When you’ve finished typing, press the enter key or click your mouse elsewhere on the screen. The idea name will save automatically.

Idea renamed 'new DIY idea'

Add ideas to your mind map

Click on your central idea or hover over it with your mouse. This will reveal an icon panel.

Choose from the plus icon, pencil icon, chat icon, paint icon or bin icon from the control panel

From left to right, the controls are:

  1. Plus icon: Add a new idea, connecting to the current idea
  2. Pencil icon: Edit your idea and develop it with notes, tasks and media
  3. Chat icon: Send a chat comment relating to this idea
  4. Paint icon: Change the colour of this idea
  5. Trash icon: Delete this idea

To add a new idea that connects to your existing idea, click the plus icon.

Click the plus icon to add a new idea

Type to rename your second idea, in the same way you named your central idea.

Second idea in mind map is named 'kitchen'

Hover over your central idea again and click the plus icon to add another idea that connects with your central idea.

Repeat this process to add lots of ideas that connect to your central idea.

The mind map has the first layer of connections

Create branches of ideas

Hover over each of the ideas and click the plus icon to add more connections, creating new branches of ideas in your mind map.

New connections added to 'kitchen' creating a branch of ideas.

Move ideas around the mind map

It’s easy to move and reposition ideas around your mind map using ‘drag-and-drop’.

Click on the idea you want to move and hold down your mouse.

Drag your mouse across the screen and hold it on the new spot that you’ve chosen for your idea.

Drop the new idea by taking your finger off the mouse.

The idea will have moved to a new position on the canvas.

The 'sink' idea has been moved using drag-and-drop with the computer mouse

Repeat this as many times as you like to ensure the mind map looks how you want it to.

The mind map has been developed with lots branches and ideas have been repositioned around the mind map

Now you’re ready to drill down into the details of each of your ideas.

Develop your ideas

Click once or hover over an idea to reveal the icon panel again. This time, click on the pencil icon.

Hover over the idea with a mouse and click on the pencil icon to add details and develop your idea

Learn how to develop your ideas with media, notes and tasks.

Updated on February 15, 2019

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