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Navigate to your Doodle

Use this guide to learn how to navigate to a Doodle quickly after logging into Mind Map Pro.

You can have more than one team in Mind Map Pro. Once you log in, select the team you want to use by clicking on the team name or clicking the green ‘Go’ button.

After selecting your team, you will be taken to a new screen, where you will see two tabs:

  1. Recent
  2. All

To select the Doodle you want to use, click on the Doodle name. Alternatively, click ‘Create New’ to start a new Doodle.

Recent Doodles

The first tab displays your Recent Doodles. This is a list of the Doodles you opened or interacted with most recently.

Screenshot shows an example of recent Doodles

Navigating to a Doodle from your Recent Doodles list is quick and easy, but if you can’t see the Doodle you are looking for in the list, use the ‘All’ tab.

All Doodles

Click the ‘All’ tab for a full list of the Doodles you have access to in your team. This includes Doodles you have created, as well as Doodles that other people in the team have invited you to contribute to.

Screenshot shows example of all Doodles in a team

Alternatively, you can find a Doodle using the keyword search.

You can find a Doodle quickly by using the search box to type keywords.

Screenshot shows example of keyword search of the word 'plan' to find a specific Doodle

You will see all search results appear, as well as the number of Doodles captured up in the search results.

Public & Private Doodles

Public and private Doodles look different in Doodle lists.

Public Doodles are depicted with green text and do not have a closed padlock on the right hand side of title.

Private Doodles are depicted with blue text and do have a closed padlock on the right hand side of title.

Learn more about Public Doodles here.

It is possible to navigate directly from one Doodle to another using the Connect Doodle feature.

Connect Doodle

You can connect one Doodle to another via an idea.

If there is already a connected Doodle, you will see the Connect Doodle icon, resembling the Mind Map Pro brain icon, showing on an idea.

Screenshot showing connected Doodle

You will also see this icon on the far right of the icon panel. Click the icon to go directly to the connected Doodle.

Screenshot highlighting connected Doodle

To set up a new connection, hover over an idea or click once to reveal the icon panel. Click on the edit icon, resembling a pencil, to dive into the detailed view of that idea.

Screenshot highlights the edit icon, resembling a pencil, which you can click on to dive into the details view of a particular idea

Click on the ‘Connect Doodle’ tab.

Screenshot highlights the Connect Doodle tab

Connect to an existing Doodle by selecting from the drop-down list.

Screenshot showing drop-down list for selecting a connecting Doodle

Click the blue ‘View’ button to view your connected Doodle.

Screenshot demonstrates how to view a connected Doodle

Click the red ‘Remove’ button to remove a connection.

Screenshot demonstrates how to remove a connected Doodle

Doodle URL

Each Doodle has a unique URL (web address). You can use your Internet Browser to bookmark your Doodle URL for quick access.

If you are not logged in when you try to navigate to your Doodle via the URL, you will be prompted to log in at this point.

Alternatively, if you have your Doodle URL handy, you can either click a hyperlink or copy and paste this into your Internet Browser.

Updated on February 21, 2019

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